Via Ferrata Gantrisch, Gantrisch Park, Gurnigel, Bern




   Footbridge      Monkey Bridge       Ladders         Zipline    
0 0   2 x soft ladders
1 x standard 



This via ferrata is equipped with rungs and stakes/nails. Not always very nice.

No escape routes. If you start, you finish!


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

It's possible to rent equipment from the Gurnigel hut.

This region is full of hikers. Leave early if you want peace.



 Strength   3
 Dizziness  4
 Type      High Mountain: 2
 Technics           1
 Evaluation Difficult



Office du Tourisme du Lac Noir


Length and Altitude


End: 2'175 m.

Altitude gain: 340 m.


GPS Coordinates

46°43'20.6 N    7°26'44.6 E


Time of Year

From mid-June to end of October (snow)



Approach: 45 min
Via Ferrata: 2h
Way back: 45 min
Total: 3h30 - 4h


By Car

It's a bit of a mess to get to this via ferrata but the car seems to be the most reliable option.

Go to the Wasserscheide parking


By Train

Contact the SBB.




Look for the via ferrata via the trail that leads to the Leiterepass. You will get to the base of the cliff and from here you can see the via ferrata scrambling up the wall.


Via Ferrata

This via ferrata goes up rather steeply and you will discover some sections that are  fairly demanding for your arms. But it's doable and the void envelops you. From the top you can see the starting point, imagine the presence of the void!

The climb to the top of the Gantrisch ends with several grassy sections.


Way Back

You can go towards the Leiterpass on the alpine (as it is designated) trail.


Where to Spend the Night

Check with the Tourism Office.

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