Via Ferrata Le Rocher Blanc, Serre Chevalier, Saint Chaffrey, Hautes-Alpes



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2 easy via ferratas side by side. They are accessible via the lifts! You can go up on foot, but it will take you 4 hours to get to the via ferrata.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Be careful of falling rocks and contact the station to see if the lifts are open.

You are in a mountain environment: make sure you bring proper hiking shoes, good sunglasses, sunscreen, a waterproof jacket that will keep you warm if it rains, and something to munch on if you get hungry. Just let Kilian Jorent go in his running shoes and shorts!

If you are a fan of MTB, you can take your bike and come back down on two wheels. It's really nice.



 Strength  Via left:  2
 Via right:  1
 Dizziness  Via left:  2
 Via right:  1
 Type      High-Mountain: 1
 Technics         Via left:  1
 Via right:  1
 Evaluation  Via left:  Difficult
 Via right: mid-Difficult



Via Ferrata Le Rocher Blanc, Serre Chevalier, Saint Chaffrey, Hautes-Alpes


Length & Altitudes

Start : 2,370 m
Elevation gain: 105 m
Summit: 2,475 m


Time of Year

End of June/beginning of July to end of August with the possibility of taking the lifts.



Approach, without taking the lifts: 4h
Approach, with lifts: 20 min
Via ferrata : 1h30 - 2h00
Way Back : 30 min


By Car

Towards Serre-Chavalier. La via ferrata is found in the communce of ST-Chaffrey, near the base of the lifts.

You can also leave from Briançon but you will have to walk 1h30 to get to the via from the top of the Prorel lifts.


By Train

Check with the S.N.C.F .




 The lifts leave about every 15 minutes and go up to 2,480m.

At the top of the lifts you go down the ridge on the left until you reach the pass. Then you scramble towards the Rocher Blanc. Once  you see the sign for the via ferrata you are there. If you have the coice start with the harder of the two (if you came to do both).

You can also take the Prorel lifts in Briançon, but it will be1h30 of approach.


Via Ferrata 

You have the choice between two via ferratas. The one on the left is steeper and more vertiginous, but very well equipped.
The one on the right is a bit easier and not as steep.

If you leave early enough you can do both via ferratas in the same day.

The climbs are on steep walls, but they are short and then you get to a rocky arrête. From the summit you have a magnificent view. You will certainly notice the pink limestone and sandstone!


Way Back

30 minutes to the lifts.


Where to Spend the Night

Check with the Tourism Office



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