Via Ferrata des Perrons, Venosc, Les 2 Alpes, Isère


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This via ferrata is fairly long and has some demanding sections. Lots of contact with the rock, it's almost rock climbing.

Beautiful panorama of the Écrins and a view on Venosc.

It's possible to go up with a gondola.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

Leave early in the morning otherwise it will be too hot. Bring water and munchies.

As there is a lot of contact with the rock, some people use the cable to pull themselves along. If you will do this bring gloves to avoid hurting your hands.

You can also bring your MTB with you in the gondola and then ride back down for a truly sport-filled day.



 Strength  2
 Dizziness  3
 Type      Mountain: 2
 Technique            1
 Evaluation  Difficult



Venosc Tourism Office


Length & Altitudes

Parking lot: 1,000 m
Start of the Via Ferrata: 1,250 m
End of the Via Ferrata: 1,750 m
Elevation gain: 500 m
Length: 500 m


Time of Year

May to October depending on snow



Access : 40 min to 1 hour
Viaferrata : 1h30 to 2h00
Way back:  30 min via the alpine pastures to get back to the "2 Alpes" + 1h to go down to Venosc by the trail or 10 min with the gondola


By Car

From Grenoble, take Bourg d'Oisans and then Venosc, St-Christophe, and La Bérade. 65km from Grenoble you should find Venosc. Park your ride at the bottom of the gondola which goes up to the "2 Alpes." You can take the trail that goes to the via ferrata (about 40 minutes) or take the less demanding option- the gondola.


By Train

Check with the SNCF for buses and trains.




From the gondola, take the trail on the left and keep an eye out for signs marking the way.


Via Ferrata 

The void makes itself felt right from the start of the via ferrata. The first 100 meters are steep and then you get to a grassy ledge where you can rest a bit.

The second section is a bit less vertical. You will discover some new ledges where an isolated spruce presents itself for the perfect snack break.

The last part is not very steep and quite simple.


Way Back

With the gondola, or follow the trail that goes northwest and connects the "Deux Alpes." It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1h on foot and less if you brought your MTB.


Where to Spend the Night

Azimut: Lodging, food, guides, an excellent place.
Gîte de Montbrison: an old farm that was remodelled with good taste and lots of talent...
Gîte de la Tête d'Aval: in Vallouise, located in the old village.



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