Via Ferrata la Balme et le Colombier Les Vigneaux Hautes Alpes


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2 via ferratas that start at the same point, the trail then splits in two.

Beautiful panorama of the Écrins.

After a short uphill this Via Ferrata splits into two parts: The Balme Via Ferrata (on the right) and the Colombier Via Ferrata (on the left, the easier of the two).


ViaFerrata Tips and  Tricks

Not really for beginners because of the void


 Strength  Colombier
 Dizziness  Colombier
 Type  Colombier
 Mountain:   1
 Mountain:  2
 Technics  Colombier
 Evaluation  Colombier
 Very Difficult



Tourisme d'Argentières Tourism Office


Length and Altitude

Start: 1,150 m
End: 1,650 m
Length: 380 m


GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 44.8167 / Longitude: 6.53333


Time of Year

All year



Le Colombier: 1 hour
Les Balmes: 2 hours
Way back: 1h30


By Car

From Briançon, go south from N94 towards Embrun.

8km further, in Prelles, go right from D4 towards Vigneaux, then another 8km and you reach Vallouise. Or you can keep going on N94 to Argentière-la-Bessée, here go right, take D994 towards les Vigneaux and Vallouise. The second route is more bumpy.


By Train

Check with the SNCF: schedules and fares




Leave your car at the end of the village. The trail is easy to find - near the limestone cliff, southwest facing - it's a nice 15 minutes walk.


Via Ferrata

The first section is easy and part of both via ferratas. Once you get to the junction you have two options:
The side where you wear your watch: Colombier Via Ferrata
An easy section with lots of steps and support

The side where your thumb is on the left: Balme Via Ferrata
This via ferrata is more sloped and has some overhanging sections and a magnificent view of the Vigneaux.

It's more demanding and made for those with longer arms. Not for beginners.

Way Back

It's easy, there's a good marked trail.


Where to Spend the Night

Ask the Tourism Office



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