Via Ferrata St-Christophe, St-Christophe en Oisans, Isère


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Overhanging above the river, a footbridge, lots of fun.

Ideal for motivated beginners.


Conseils ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

If you are a bit lazy you can park a shuttle car at the top of via ferrata. That way you won't have to take the road back on foot to get back to the parking lot.



 Strength   2 
 Dizziness   2
 Type   Plaine: 2
 Technics   2
 Evaluation     Mid-Difficult   



St-Christophe La Bérarde Tourism Office


Length and Altitude

Start: 1,200 m
End: 1,544 m
Length: 700 m.
Elevation gain : 344 meters


Time of Year

April to November



Approach : 2 minutes
ViaFerrata : 2 – 2h30
Way Back : 20 minutes if you didn't park a car on top


By Car

From Grenoble take N91 towards Briançon, then 5 km after Bourg-d'Oisans, in the place called Clapier d'Auris, Bar le Solfège, go right on the Vénosc-la-Bérarde road. Go across Bourg d'Arud.

At the end of the Plan du Lac straight section of road you'll find the parking lot on the left just before the road switchbacks up to St-Christophe.

A big sign reads "Via Ferrata."


By Train or Bus

Check with the SNCF: schedules and fares.




Walk into the nautical base and campground of Plan du Lac. The Ferrata starts near the Vénéon (a river).


Via Ferrata

The route, always over the Vénéon River, is quite varied and fun.

It starts off with a rocky ledge that overhangs over the river. Then you reach a footbridge that tends to shake. There is a lot of space between each step, but everything stays in place. A few sections are athletic, but they are short. In certain places the void is particularly present.

You go over a rocky projection and some slabs and then get to the road that leads to St-Christophe.

To start the 2nd part of the via ferrata you have to cross the road. Then you can go calmly on your way.


Way Back

To get back to your car, you can follow the road or take the path that goes to the hamlets of Granges and l'Alpe du Pin (go right after the Vénéon bridge).


Where to Spend the Night

There are lodges, campgrounds, and hotels all throughout the valley. There is a campground at the start of the Ferrata.




vidéo par davidzof, Youtube