Via Ferrata Gantrisch, Gantrischloupe
Gantrisch Bern Switzerland

Difficult. Diziness. Laders. Very long: 5 hours. June - October

Via Ferrata Allmenalp, Kanderstegloupe
Kandersteg Bern Switzerland

Extrem with ladders, ziplines, bridges. stakes instead of the traditional metal steps. June - October

Via Ferrata Tälli, Meiringenloupe
Meirigen Bern Switzerland

2 via: For Kids and Pros. Iniation and Very difficult. July - October

Via Ferrata Le Pilier, Molésonloupe
Moleson Fribourg Switzerland

Follow the peak. Next to the via Hohl. Difficult. Watch up the opening time.  April - November

Via Ferrata Voie Hohl La Face loupe
Moleson Fribourg Switzerland

Very Difficult. Long and dizziness. April - November

Via Ferrata Eggstock, Braunwaldloupe
Braunwald Gunen Glaris Switzerland

In 3 parts. Long 5h30. Extreme require experience. High Mountain June - October

Via Ferrata Tichodrome, Noiraigueloupe
Noiraigue Val de Travers Neuchatel Switzerland

Closed from January 1 until July 31. For beginners and kids
Excellent vertiginous sensations.

Via ferrata San Salvatore, Luganoloupe
Lugano Paradiso Tessin Switzerland

The cursor ist located at the top of the Funiculaire (start of via). Great view. Very difficult. June to October

Via Ferrata Diavolo, Andermattloupe
Andermatt Uri Switzerland

Easy: for beginners. Above the Pont du Diable. June - October

Via Ferrata de Baltschiedertal, Baltschiederloupe
Baltschieder Valais Switzerland

High Mountain, View. Cursor indicates Wiwanni Hut. June, October

Via Ferrata Tiere, Champéryloupe
Champéry Valais Switzerland

For Beginners. Cursor indicated the parking. May until November if no snow

Via Ferrata d'Evolèneloupe
Evolène Valais Switzerland

1 ladder, 3 overhangs. Nice view on the village. Very Difficult

Via Ferrata Moiry Dam, Grimentzloupe
Grimentz Valais Switzerland

in 2 parts: Extreme. A zipline: 85 m and a shacky footbridge, and a net.

Via Ferrata Loeche loupe
Loeche Valais Switzerland

Extrem. 2 Via Ferrata. Very long. July - October



Via Ferrata Le Belvédère, Nax loupe
Nax Valais Switzerland

For beginners. Open yearly (when no snow)

Via Ferrata Jägihorn, Saas Feeloupe
Saas Fee Valais Switzerland

Very long. Above 3'000m. 5 ladders with 400 rungs, June-September

Via Ferrata La Farinetta, Saillon loupe
Saillon Valais Switzerland

In 3 parts. The last part is as hard as you can imagine! March until November (when no snow)

Via Ferrata Gabi, Simplonloupe
Simplon Valais Switzerland

Difficult. Near the Simplon Pass. April until October

Via Ferrata Cascade, Les Diableretsloupe
Les Diablerets Vaud Switzerland

Extreme. 2 footbridges, 1 zipline (optional). May - November


Via Ferrata Rocher Jaune, Les Diableretsloupe
Les Diablerets Vaud Switzerland

High Mountain. Very Difficult. Next to the Telecabine. June - October.

Via Ferrata Plan Praz, Leysin loupe
Leysin Vaud Switzerland

Fun and solid. Extreme. You need muscle. No dizziness. April-November

Via Ferrata Tour d'Ai, Leysinloupe
Leysin Vaud Switzerland

Nice Panorama. Difficult. May - October

Via Ferrata des Rochers de Nayeloupe
Montreux Vaud Switzerland

Wonderful view. Extreme. Contact with rocks. May - November

Via Ferrata du Lavanchy, Plan sur Bexloupe
Pont de Nant, Plan sur Bex Vaud Switzerland

Very short. Srint. Hidden somewhere in the forest. Very difficult. April - November

Via Ferra Videmanette 3, Rougemont loupe
Rougemont Vaud Switzerland

Dizziness! Solid. Very difficult. June - September

Via Ferrata Videmanette Initiation, Rougemont loupe
Rougemont Vaud Switzerland

Easy. For kids and beginners. June - September