Via Ferrata d'Evolène, Evolène Valais


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In 3 parts...and none are insignificant...
1 ladder, 3 overhanging sections that work the arms, beautiful view on Evolène. And vertiginous!
Not for everyone. Only for those who have already done via ferratas before.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

If you do this one at sunset... you will enjoy a view that is absolutely magnificent. There are three parts and an escape route exists between the three parts.

Bring your camera, the view of the village is very beautiful



 Strength  Partie 1: 3
 Partie 2: 1
 Partie 3: 4
 Dizziness  Partie 1: 3
 Partie 2: 2
 Partie 3: 4
 Type  Mountain: 1
 Technics     2
 Evaluation Extreme



Office du Tourisme d'Evolène.


Length and Altitude

Length: 700 m
Elevation gain: 400 m
Altitude: 1'497 m


 GPS Coordinates

N 46’06.460
E 007’30.242


Time of Year

From spring to autumn.



Approach: 5 minutes

Via Ferrata
Part 1: 15-20  minutes
Part 2: 5-10 minutes
Part 3: 25 minutes

Way back: 15 minutes


By Car

Rendez-vous in Valais. From Geneva take the highway towards Lausanne-Sion. From Chamonix and Aoste go towards Martigny and then take the highway towards Sion.

In Sion, take the second exit (hospital). Go off to your left and at the last roundabout where the Tamoil Gas Station is, go towards Vex, Val d'Hérens. Evolène is found up there. On the road you'll see the Euseigne pyramids. It's beautiful!


By Train

Go to Sion and then take the bus from the Sion train station.

Contact the SBB for train fares and schedules.




Don't go into the village of Evolène, stay on the road that goes to Arolla.

200m after the Coop store, you'll find a little parking lot on your left. That's when you'll give your wheels a break and put your muscles to work.
Go up towards the forest (mountainside) to find your way to the base of the cliff. Everything is marked.

To get to the beginning of the "easy" part of the "Chamois Ledge", take the path that goes up on the right.


Via Ferrata

Your journey starts with an overhang that, on top of taking your breath away, drains your arms of strength! The first overhang is followed by a second that is no less tricky. For your humble servant, who is taller than most, it was all rock & roll.

If you get past this first obstacle, you should be fine for the rest. Otherwise, the goose is cooked at this point, it's all over. Give up and go to the Via Nax...

Next comes a more tranquil section: a traverse where you are in contact with the rock, where you will be able to enjoy the view. After going up a nice ladder, you find yourself at the escape route: The Mélèze.

Chamois Ledge

The second part, the "Chamois Ledge," is a simple transition to the last part. If you want to leave before the last part, you can exit at the Mélèze.

The Big Wall
A splendid vertical wall of 130m. It's overhanging, strenuous, nerve-wracking, and vertiginous. Simply put, if you are not a via ferrata beast, don't go! Or if you do, hire a guide. The local guides are very competent and if you ask them, they'll speak to you in the local dialect! (Evolène has been able to keep its traditions and its language)

The way back from the Big Wall is splendid (see the picture) as you have the Dent Blanche peak in front of you! The trail to go back is very well maintained. It's a real delight!


Way Back

You can either go to the left along the ridge on the Jura altitude trail towards the start (and back to the train s tation) or by the forested crest that dominates the restaurant parking lot. It's well signed.


Where to Sleep

Evolène Campground Youtube


Difficulty & Level

1. For beginners & initiation
2. Need some practice of via ferrata
3. Require phisical strength (at least 1 difficulty)
4. Very phisical, strength, in very good shape

1. Light - ok
2. Middle
3. Some parts are solid
4. Tough

Plaine - Mountain - High Mountain
1. Fully Equiped
2. Need to use rocks
3. Light equipment

1. Easy
2. With bridge, ladder, etc..
3. Extra skills such as zip line




Phone: Mountain rescue: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300



Mountain Rescue: 144
REGA Helicopere: 1414
Police: 117

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300


Phone: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300