Via Ferrata Tichodrome Noiraigue, Val de Travers, Neuchâtel



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Discover the Val-de-Travers from another perspective. Excellent vertiginous sensations.
It is closed annually from the 1st of January to the 1st of July so as to allow Peregrin Falcons, Kestrels, and Wallcreepers to nest in peace.

The entry and exit cables are removed each season, thus blocking access to the cliff.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

This via is great for first timers and kids 10 or older, take your quickdraws as it is not equipped properly for you to secure your kids with a rope.

This area is rather humid. Good Vibram soles and hiking shoes are necessary. There is an antenna, go have a look at it to see the Neuchâtel lake.

A question for the champs:  Why is it called Tichodrome?
This is the French name for the bird that nests in these cliffs (Wallcreeper in English).



 Strength  1 
 Dizziness  2
 Type  Plain: 2 
 Technics  1 
 Evaluation            Beginner. Easy



Tourisme Neuchâtelois Val-de-Travers.

Association: « Via ferrata et escalade sportive »
Centre sportif du Val-de-Travers:


Length and Altitude

Cable length : 550 meters, no exit possible
Elevation gain :  150 meters
Start elevation: 950m   
End elevation: 1150m


Time of Year

Open from the 1st of July to the 31st of December (due to the bird nesting regulations, the entry cables to the route are removed outside of these dates).



Approach: 5 min
ViaFerrata: 1h00
Way Back: 5 min


By Car

From Neuchâtel go towards Val-de-Travers, Peseux, Rochefort, Noiraigue, at the exit of the Clusette tunnel, go towards Ponts-de-Martel and you are there. Haut de la Côte parking.
From Chaux-de-Fonds, go towards Val-de-Travers, la Sagne, Brot-Dessus. Haut de la Côte parking.


By Train

Neuchâtel-Noiraigue (then on foot to the via, about 1h00)
Chaux-de-Fonds-Les Ponts-de-Martel (then on foot to the via 45 min.-1h00). Contact the SBB, for schedules and fares.




On foot, you can get to the beginning of the Via Ferrata from the Ponts-de-Martel station (45 minutes), from the Noiraigue station (1 hour), or from the Haut de la Côte restaurant (10 minutes).

From the parking, go briefly along the ridge on a marked trail and then head right towards the asphalt road lower down. Cross this road and go through the forest until you get to the start.


Via Ferrata

A nice ledge above Noiraigue.

Michel Gentil and his association, "Via Ferrata et escalade sportive" dug into this rock over time to make a very enjoyable via ferrata out of this ledge. The equipment and information he used were very carefully chosen. There is only one section that could make those who are less brave shudder, an overhanging section.

Magnificent view on the Neuchâtel lake at the top of the via.

You start by crossing a rocky projection on the way up by passing on natural ledges. Easy sections alternate with vertiginous sections where the cable is not completely taught and you hang out over the void. A good dose of void stretches out below your feet at the Nest Overhang. The itinerary splits before the view point (1,119 m), but this view is absolutely worth the detour.


Way Back

You can either go left along the ridge on the higher altitude Jura trail towards the start (and return to the train station) or you can go on the forested ridge that overlooks the restaurant parking. It is well indicated.


Where to Spend the Night

All the information for where to spend the night,  to eat, to go on beautiful hikes, or to discover the Val-de-Travers region, its museums and its particularities, is available from the Neuchâtel Val-De-Travers Tourism.

Vidéo par AandG2009, Youtube


Difficulty & Level

1. For beginners & initiation
2. Need some practice of via ferrata
3. Require phisical strength (at least 1 difficulty)
4. Very phisical, strength, in very good shape

1. Light - ok
2. Middle
3. Some parts are solid
4. Tough

Plaine - Mountain - High Mountain
1. Fully Equiped
2. Need to use rocks
3. Light equipment

1. Easy
2. With bridge, ladder, etc..
3. Extra skills such as zip line




Phone: Mountain rescue: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300



Mountain Rescue: 144
REGA Helicopere: 1414
Police: 117

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300


Phone: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300