Via Ferrata Comtes Lascaris, Tende, Alpes Maritimes


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A demanding via ferrata that will take you back in time with the the ruins of the Lascaris counts' medieval castle, the Cave of the Heretics and the Saint-Sauveur Chapel (Saint Savior). 

Hanging bridge, swinging bridge and ziplines of over 100m are accessible, 3h30 hours for the more technical part or 2h for the castle part.

Just above the village.

Children under 12 are not allowed on.

Price: 3.5 Euro



ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

To see in the region: La Vallée des Merveilles (The Valley of Wonders), which has the biggest site of open air rock engravings in Europe.

You can rent equipment at both of the stores in Tende. If you are going to the Brigue Via Ferrata (which is nearby) rent your equipment in Tende as it is not possible to rent equipment in Brigue.


Grade: Voie des Hérétiques

 Strength  4 
 Dizziness  3
 Type  Mountain: 2
 Technics  3
 Evaluation  Very Difficult



Tende Tourism Office


Length and Altitude

Start: 850 meters
End: 1,150 meters
Length: 1,000 meters
Elevation gain: 300 meters


Time of Year

Closed during the winter months



Château (Castle) Route
Access: 10 minutes
Via ferrata : 1h15 minutes.
Way back: 30 min


Hérétiques (Heretics) Route:
Access: 10 min
Via ferrata: 2h30 minutes
Way back: 45 minutes


By Car

58km north of Menton and it winds and turns and winds. It's after the Gorges de Bergues and St-Dalmas-de-Tende (from here you can go the Vallée des Merveilles).

Tende, the highest village in the Roya valley is 9km away from the etrance of the Tende tunnel under the Tende pass (italian border).


By Train or Bus

From Nice towards Cuneo. Check with the SNCF: schedules and fares.




The markings start from the parking lot at the Tende SNCF station. Via the "Rue de France" ("Road of France") you go up into the old city, then you tick-tock at the base of the "Tour de l'Horloge" ("Clock Tower") while you cross the cemetary...The path goes up above the village on the rocks of the  west slope of St-Sauveur.L


Via Ferrata

It starts off tough and with a fairly long hanging bridge! It's better if you already have a lot of via ferrata experience!

The climb is easy and there is quite a lot of contact with the rock. A footbridge brings you over a deep gap to get to the St.Sauveur Chapel where you will get onto a long zipline.

Grotte des Hérétiques: Things get more intense and the itinerary goes up the rock face progressively. It is impossible to go back at this point. You must keep going steadily, step by step (and the steps are far apart so take big strides- this is why children under 12 are not allowed on this via)

The via ferrata ends with the zipline.


Way Back

Pas moyen de te tromper et compte 45 minutes depuis le sommet.

Where to Spend the Night

Check with the Tourism Office. It is well worth it to spend a night here as the village is very nice.



vidéo par  One Minute Ferrata, Youtube


Difficulty & Level

1. For beginners & initiation
2. Need some practice of via ferrata
3. Require phisical strength (at least 1 difficulty)
4. Very phisical, strength, in very good shape

1. Light - ok
2. Middle
3. Some parts are solid
4. Tough

Plaine - Mountain - High Mountain
1. Fully Equiped
2. Need to use rocks
3. Light equipment

1. Easy
2. With bridge, ladder, etc..
3. Extra skills such as zip line




Phone: Mountain rescue: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300



Mountain Rescue: 144
REGA Helicopere: 1414
Police: 117

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300


Phone: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300