Via Ferrata de Tournoux, Puy St-Vincent, Hautes Alpes



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Okay for beginners who are guided by an experienced person. Vertiginous and with several demanding sections, but they are fairly short.

This via ferrata is a loop- up/down. All for the same price!


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

This via ferrata is in the shade, which is nice during summer heatwaves. However, make sure you take some mosquito repellent or Tégarome (a product that soothes insect bites). It's a natural product, cheap, and works well, however chemical companies in Switzerland have banned it.

Take an extra layer because it faces north, thus you won't be tanning here either



 Physique 2
 Gaz 1
 Type 1
 Technique Haute-Montagne: 1
 Evaluation Peu Difficile



Puit-St-Vincent Tourism Office


Length and Altitude

Elevation gain : 180 m.
Start : 1750 m.
Exposure : North
Rock : limestone
Length of the Via Ferrata : 600 m.


Time of Year

May to October



Access: 10 minutes
Viaferrata : 1 hr 30
Way back : 20 minutes


By Car

If you're coming from the north take the highway to Grenoble, then the Lautaret pass, RN 91. Go across Briançon towards Gap.
In l'Argentière la Bessée go right towards Vallouise, Puy St Vincent is 10km away.

If you are coming from the South, take the highway to Saulce, then go towards Briançon, RN 94.
In l'Argentière La Bessez, go left towards Vallouise, Puy St Vincent is 10km away.


By Train or Bus

l'Argentière les Ecrins train station, 10 km from Puy St Vincent. Check with the SNCF: schedules and fares.




In Puy Saint Vincent at 1'400m, above Vallouise, take the Pousterle road (which becomes an unpaved road).
Park before the big flat area on the pass.
Then take the trail that goes right towards Tournoux. The Via Ferrata is marked with a sign.

Via Ferrata

It is well equipped and sometimes vertiginous with some short sections of intense effort.

The first part starts off with a tough and vertiginous vertical wall before you get to a path full of greenery and a cabled descent.

Then several steep sections on a very steep wall and all that to go back down again right after. You'll have the opportunity to see a cave, make a wish!

A new wall lets you go down on the right and you get back to the base of the cliff face.

At the summit you will discover a beautiful panorama of the Ecrins and Vallouise


Way back

 From the base of the cliff you can easily get back to the main trail below and then go back up to the Pousterle pass.

Where to Spend the Night

Check with the Tourism Office.

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Difficulty & Level

1. For beginners & initiation
2. Need some practice of via ferrata
3. Require phisical strength (at least 1 difficulty)
4. Very phisical, strength, in very good shape

1. Light - ok
2. Middle
3. Some parts are solid
4. Tough

Plaine - Mountain - High Mountain
1. Fully Equiped
2. Need to use rocks
3. Light equipment

1. Easy
2. With bridge, ladder, etc..
3. Extra skills such as zip line




Phone: Mountain rescue: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300



Mountain Rescue: 144
REGA Helicopere: 1414
Police: 117

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300


Phone: 112

Canal K  158.625
Canal E ( Emergency ) 161.300