• 522e Via Ferrata des Rochers de Naye, Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland

    Via Ferrata des Rochers de Naye, Montreux, Vaud


       Footbridge      Monkey Bridge       Ladder          Zipline    
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    One of the most beautiful via ferratas in the world with a splendid view on Lake Geneva. Lots of contact with the rock for both hands and feet. A gem!

    Not for everyone. Reserved for those with experience and strong arms.

    The last part is opens only on the first of July (due to nesting birds)


    ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

    Bring your MTB aboard the Golden Pass train and also a camera because the landscape is splendid. You can ride down all the way to Montreux. Nonetheless the Golden Pass train costs an arm and a leg.

    You can choose to go down the caverns (on the way back). Bring a headlamp and try not to wear white pants!

    Take some good hiking shoes (with vibram). You'll be in contact with the rock frequently and sometimes with muddy earthy grass sections. It is prohibited to wear tennis shoes (as it is, in fact, for all via ferratas).



     Strength    4
     Dizziness    4
     Type       High Mountain: 2
     Technics            1
     Evaluation   Extreme



    Tourism Office Tourisme Montreux


    Length and Altitude

    Elevation gain : 160 m
    Start : 1'856 m
    End: 1'993 m
    Length: 600 m


    GPS Coordinates

    Parking: if you go by car
    N 46,27 091
    E 06,58 634

    Start of the via ferrata:
    N 46.436587848039
    E 6.9806818993206


    Time of Year

    May to November (snow).



    Approach from the the train stop: Jaman Station: 30 minutes
    Approche from the parking lot: 50 minutes
    Via Ferrata: 1h30 
    Way Back Option A: 5  minutes to get on the train from l'Hôtel de Naye towards Montreux
    Way Back Option B: if you go through the caverns (bring a headlamp) its really nice. Account for 1 hour to the Jaman train stop and twenty minutes to get to the parking lot.


    By car

    From Lausanne: Vevey highway, exit in Montreux.
    Go towards Glion- Caux.
    Continue to the Rochers de Naye and park your car at the Col de Jaman.


    By train

    Via the Golden Pass from Montreux to the Rochers de Naye. Get off at the Jaman stop.

    36.-- Frs per person there and back (18.-- with the half-fare)




    From the Jaman station, the via ferrata is located straight ahead of you.

    Go down the path to the ruins of an ancient mountain pasture chalet. Follow the markings to the via ferrata.

    Via Ferrata

    The via ferrata is located between the Tour de la Chaux de Naye and the Rochers de Naye of the north-west side.

    The beginning of this via ferrata is a selective process: a vertical 50m rocky spur and you will reach a ladder.

    You keep going on a narrow ramp that leads out onto a series of grassy ledges which bring you to the bottom of an escape route.

    If you are in shape and feeling good, keep going on the trail that goes down. Otherwise, opt for the escape route that goes up.

    If you keep going, you are going to have to face the void and especially the rock wall (sometimes overhanging) that really works your arms. It is demanding and takes a lot of energy (not for beginners).

    Way Back

    Two options:

    Option A: 5  minutes to the train from l'Hôtel de Naye towards Montreux (18.-- Frs to get to Montreux or 9.-- Frs to Montreux with the half-fare)

    Option B: through the caverns

    If you go through the caverns, each person must have a headlamp. It is very beautiful, and you must not be too big as there is a pretty narrow section. It's vertiginous. Account for 1h45 to get back to the Jaman train stop.

    Where to Sleep

    Check with the Tourism Office.


  • 527e Via Ferrata La Farinetta Saillon Valais Switzerland

    Via Ferrata La Farinetta, Saillon, Valais




     Footbridge    Monkey Bridge      Ladder     Zipline  
    0 3 0 0


    This via climbs through the Salentze Gorges and there is a beautiful section next to a waterfall (and in the waterfall during summer or after thunderstorms). This via ferrata is not made for beginners and the third part is reserved for those with strong arms as the overhang is very tough. I repeat myself, the third part is not for those who overestimate their strength! So if you haven't been training and you do not have much/any arm strength don't go because its extremely difficult.

    Rescues are not free and the helicopter costs more than 3,500 Frs (3,000 Euro) and insurance companies don't cover ego problems.

    Demanding and in a vertiginous setting.


    ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

    On the trail that leads to the via ferrata you'll come across a warm waterfall. It is nice in the fall or in spring.

    Take an extra lanyard to use for resting. If your arms get tired, you can use it to rest and it will help you finish the via ferrata.

    The rope bridge at the beginning of the via ferrata acts as a traffic controler. In summer there are a lot of people, even idiots without helmets wearing tennis shoes. We even saw a guy from Neuchâtel doing it backwards! After a good yelling-at, this moron, whose behavior posed a fatal risk to all those climbing up, turned back the other way.

    If you are just starting out with via ferratas don't go here and train on an easier one. On the last part there were 9 helicopter rescues in 2013 because of morons who tried to be Mr. Tough Guy. As the rock face is very steep you are putting the lives of the rescuers at risk, you will receive a big bill and you are discrediting the via ferrata community.

    For your car
    If you leave your car in one of the 3 parking lots you risk getting a ticket. What is better is to leave it at the top/end point of the via ferrata, near the Farinet footbridge.
    Then go down to the start (by way of the vineyards). This way you will avoid having to take the trail that goes to the baths parking twice.


     Strength Part 1: 3
    Part 2: 3
    Part 3: 4
     Dizziness  Part 1: 3
    Part 2: 4
    Part 3: 4
     Type  Plaine: 1
     Technics Part 1: 2
    Part 2: 1
    Part 3: 2
     Evaluation Part 1: Difficult
    Part 2: Very Difficult
    Part 3: Extreme


    Office du Tourisme de Saillon


    Length and Altitude

    Total length : 1010 m.
    Cabled distance : 820 m.
    Elevation gain : 335 m.

    Start: 536 m
    Finish: 841 m

    GPS Coordinates

    Via ferrata parking lot
    N 46'10.857   E 007'11.474   Altitude  525 m

    From the start of the via:
    N 46.10.938   E 007.11.236   Altitude  536 m
    Altitude: 995 m.


    Time of Year

    March to November (if there is no snow).



    Approach from the Saillon Baths: 25 minutes
    Via Ferrata: 2h
    3rd part: 45 m
    Way back: to the parking lot about 50 min

    By car

    From the highway from Martigny exit at Fully and go towards Saillon.

    At the Saillon exit (after the baths), you will go across a very small bridge. Immediately after the bridge take the unpaved road that goes along the river.

    For parking: as Saillon is a fairly quiet village, the police has found a hobby. They have installed a traffic surveillance system in the area surrounding the Via. There are three parking lots for those going to the via ferrata and fines for those who leave their ride outside of these parking lots. So be careful and don't try anything heroic.

    Pour le parking: comme Saillon est un village assez calme, la Police a trouvé un passe-temps. Elle a installé une signalisation aux abords de la Via. Il y a 3 parkings prévus pour les ferratistes et des amendes pour ceux qui laissent leur titine en dehors des parkings. Donc fais gaffe et pas d'héroïsme.

    The parking lots are far from everything! There is one near the baths and another across from the baths. Of course, they all charge. Account for 25 minutes of walking to reach the start of the via.


    By Train

    Take the train to Martigny and then the bus to Saillon (the baths). Contact the SBB for schedules and fares.




    From the parking spot (see the GPS coordinates and the point marked on the map, go up along the river, you'll pass by a small waterfall and you'll find the cable).

    Via Ferrata

    It starts off pretty strong with a very vertiginous nepalese bridge (see picture) that sways quite a bit. And the cherry on the cake... you have to change the lanyards three times during the crossing. If you get stuck here it's a sign that you shouldn't go.

    The climb is very beautiful and the atmosphere vertiginous and you hear the murmur of the river carving its path through the gorge. You'll get a second shot at a rope bridge. Then it climbs pretty steeply and you get closer to a waterfall. During the summer you go partially into it and you'll get soaked. Then you come to the first escape route.

    The second part starts off with a slightly overhanging section that is fairly hard on your arms. It's pretty strenuous but you can take a break in a cavern that is underneath the Farinet footbridge. Then you keep climbing and it gets more and more demanding until you reach the escape route.

    The third part is EXTREMELY STRENUOUS. If you are not doing well, exit here because once you start you can't go back and there are three overhanging sections that are mega tough. Taking an extra via ferrata lanyard is very helpful.
    After you have crossed a very vertiginous rope bridge, you pass three overhangs that are really difficult and really work the arms. Luckily the cables were perfectly placed and you don't have to change to a new cable section during any of the overhanging parts.

    Wow, you made it to the top!

    Way Back

    Tu descends en direction de la passerelle à Farinet et ensuite tu coupes dans les vignes. Tu suis le chemin pédestre. Un peu raide parfois et plein Sud!

    Go down towards the Farinet footbridge and then cut across into the vineyards. Follow the pedestrian trail. A bit steep and it sometimes is completely south facing!

    Check out the tip above in Tips and Tricks to avoid having to take the trail that winds its way down to the parking lot for via ferrata-ists.

    Where to Sleep

    Check with the Tourism Office. There are Bed&Breakfasts in this area.

    by ViaFerrata.org Youtube


  • List of the Via Ferrata in Switzerland

    List of the Via Ferrata in Switzerland

    - Look at the Swiss Via Ferrata Map

       Via Ferrata Name
     Location   Grade  Features
     501  Via Ferrata
     Moiry Dam
     Grimentz  Difficult
     Zip line, nice view.
     April to November
     527  Via Ferrata Farinetta  Saillon  Very difficult
     to Extreme
     Start with a challenging bridge.
     503  Via Ferrata de Tière  Champéry  In 2 parts: Beginner
     Follow the river. Bridges

     513  Via Ferrata Evolène  Evolène  Extreme  Last part is very solid
     Not for beginners. April-Nov
     511  Via Ferrata
     Jägihorn Weissmies
     Saas Fee
     Very difficult
     Very long with a beautiful view.
     Abore 3'000m. June-Sept
     510  Via Ferrata
     Baltschieder  Very difficult
     High Mountain. Few gear
     517  Via Ferrata
     in Loèche
     Loèche  Very difficult
     Lot of rock falls. Hazardous
     Nombreuses chutes de pierres
     516  Via Ferrata
     du Belvédère
     Nax  Easy  For beginners
     521  Via Ferata Schweifine  Zermatt   Difficult  3 via.
     Near the center of Zermatt
     528  Via Ferrata Gabi  Simplon
     Difficult  Near the Simplon pass
     504  Via Ferrata Cascade  Les Diablerets  Extreme  Need strength
     May - November
     502  Via Ferrata
     Rocher Jaune
     Tête de Chamois
     Les Diablerets  Difficult  High Mountain.
     Near the telecabine
     530  Via Ferrata 
     Dames Anglaises
     Les Diablerets  Difficult  High Mountain
     505  Via Ferrata
     La Tour d'Ai
     Leysin  Difficult  Suitable for solid beginners.
     May - october
     518  Via Ferrata Plan Praz  Leysin  Extreme  In the village. Need strength
     April - November
     506  Via FerrataFerrata
     Videmanette 1-2
     Rougemont  Initiation / Beginner  Short, easy
     June - September
     507  Via Ferrata Sportive
     Videmanette 3
     Rougemont  Very difficult  Strong! Dizziness
     June - September
     522  Via Ferrata
     la Splendide
     de Naye
     Extreme  Wonderful! Great view
     May - November
     529  Via Ferrata du
     Pont de Nant
     Plan sur Bex
     Difficult  Short but tough
     April - November

     Via Ferrata Tälli

     Meiringen  Initiation
     Very difficult
     2 via: Kids or Pros
     July - October
     519  Via Ferrata
     Kandersteg  Extreme  Ziplines, bridges. Technics
     June - October
     524   Klettersteig Ferrata
     Gantrisch  Difficult  Very long: 5h. Ladders
     June - October
     514  Via Ferrata
     Voie Hohl La Face
     Very Difficult  Not for beginner. Fees
     April - October
     515  Via Ferrata
     Le Pilier
     Difficult  Dizziness. Watch opening time
     April - October
     512  Via Ferrata
     du Tichodrome
     Noiraigue  Easy  For beginners and kids
     Closed January 1 until July 1
     526  ViaFerrata 
     Braunwald  Extrem  In 3 parts. Long 5h30
     June - October
     509  Via Ferrata
     Andermatt  Initiation  For beginners
     520  Via Ferrata
     Lugano  Very Difficult  At the top of the Funiculaire
     June to October
     527  Via Ferrata Piz Mitgel   Savognin   Difficile  Longue journée, 5h montée, 3h descente
     Aérienne en haute montagne 
     525  Via Ferrata Pinut  Flims   Facile  La plus vieille via ferrata en Suisse (1900) 
     Passages suspendus
     523  Via Ferrata
     Sankt Antonien  Very Difficult  Long and strong. Ladders and bridge
     June - October


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