• 520e Via ferrata San Salvatore, Paradiso, Tessin, Switzerland

    Via Ferrata San Salvatore, Lugano, Tessin



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    San Salvatore is Lugano's emblematic mountain. This imposing mountain south of the city offers a 360° panorama of the lake, scenery to the south, and the high Alps to the west. It is also know as the "Sugarloaf."

    This via ferrata was imported from the Dolomites, that is to say that the rock face is minimally equipped. You will have to be in contact with the rock to climb it.

    It's open all year except when there is snow or other inclement weather.


    ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

    Make sure you bring your camera, the view on lake Lugano is splendid.

    It's a good idea to bring a pair of gloves. And proper shoes too!



     Strength  3
     Dizziness 4
     Type        Mountain: 3      
     Technics                     1
     Evaluation       Very Difficult



    Funiculaire Monte San Salvatore

    Tourism Office of Lugano


    Length and Altitude

    Altitude gain: 130 m
    Length: 300 m
    Start of the via ferrata: 715 m
    Top of the via ferrata: 845 m


    Time of Year

    June to October (when the lifts are open)



    Approach: 50 minutes (if you go to the intermediary station on foot)
    Via Ferrata: 1h00
    Way Back: with the lifts or 2h on foot.


    By Car

    Simply go to Lugano and then towards San Salvatore. The mountain can be seen from anywhere.


    By Train

    To Lugano. Contact the SBB for schedules and fares.




    With the funicular from the start of the Lugano-Paradiso to the Monte San Salvatore.

    If you want to go on foot, a marked path leads you to the intermediary funicular station of Pazzallo (490 m) and then to the start of the via ferrata (about 50 minutes).


    Via Ferrata

    This via ferrata is demanding and only for those who have good biceps. There is a lot of void and very little equipment, so you must use the rock.

    To be avoided when its raining and if the rock is wet.


    Way Back

    At the top of the via ferrata, you can either go frolicking down to Pazzallo on the beautiful path or you can go up to the summit in 20 minutes and from there take the funicular.

    Where to Sleep

    Check with the Lugano Tourism Office.

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