• 05e Via Ferrata de la Grotte à Carret, St-Jean d'Arvey, Savoie, France

    Via Ferrata de la Grotte à Carret, St-Jean d'Arvey, Savoie


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      Le Ptchi
      Grotte à Carret   
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    2 Via Ferratas for the price of one! The Grotte à Jules Caret Via Ferrata and the P'tchi Via Ferrata. Very very demanding, only for those with strong arms! To make things even more intense, it's very vertiginous!

    If you are a beginner you'll be able to do it someday once you've had more training, but for now it's not recommended for you.


    ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

    The Mont Peney is located in a fairly steep canyon. Beware of falling rocks. Your helmet should be glued to your head at all times.



     Strength   Grotte à Carret
      Le Ptchi
     Dizziness   Grotte à Carret
      Le Ptchi
     Type   Grotte à Carret
      Le Ptchi
     Plaine: 1
     Technics   Grotte à Carret
      Le Ptchi


     Evaluation   Grotte à Carret
      Le Ptchi
    Very Difficult



    Savoie Grand Revard - Féclaz Tourism Office


    Length & Altitudes

    Start of the ViaFerrata : 580 m
    End of the Via Ferrata : 1'550 m
    Length : 410 m
    Altitude gain : 170 m


    Time of Year

    May to October



    From the Doriaz parking lot : 1h of approach time. The itinerary follows a plateau and is sometimes rather steep.
    From the Lovettaz parking lot: 55 min of approach time, no difficulties

    Grotte à Carret: 40 minutes
    The P’Tchi: 40 minutes

    Way back: 30 min


    By Car

    From the A43 or A41 highway exit at Chambéry and take N201 towards Chambéry.

    Take exit 18 and keep going on the expressway towards Massif des Bauges by way of Saint Jean d'Arvey.

    2 routes are possible:
    From below: Go to the Lovettaz parking lot from Saint Jean d'Arvey, D912
    From above: Go to the Doriaz parking lot from the deserts (D912 then D206a)


    By Train

    Check with the SNCF for buses and trains.




    From above:
    Get to the Doria pass by means of a trail (1136m),
    then leave the trail to your left to take a path on the right facing Chambéry (west) which sometimes winds its way down with steep switchbacks.
    Let the trail of the Doria hole waterfall go off to the right. Cross a torrent and then after a climb and a few switchbacks you'll reach the Grotte à Carret.


    Via Ferrata 

    The Grotte à Carret
    It will take you 1h45 to complete the 410m long circuit with 170m of climbing. But beware, it is reserved for experienced via ferrata-ists.

    You set out into the cave and discover the climb of the "Grande Faille" (the Big Gap) which is composed of rope bridges, beams for your feet and swinging bridges all part of the vertiginous atmosphere of the pendulum of the "Grand Toit" (Big Roof).
    There is one really cool rope bridge that stays true to vertiginous tradition and you must cross it with your eyes open!

    The P't'chi
    Only slightly smaller than the Grotte à Carret, but it still has 170m of climbing for 450m of length, and this time it takes 1h40 to complete!
    After a series of aerial sections you get to the top, it was not too demanding, at least less so than the Grotte à Carret.

    In the middle of the via ferrata you can go see "l'Oeil de la Doria" (The Eye of Doria) which is found to your right and accessible via an impressive ladder. Once you are on top you'll easily find the trails that will bring you back to the Paleu barn.


    Way Back

    From the summit of the via ferrata a trail leads you to the Doriaz pass and you can make your way back to the parking lot via the forest road.

    Where to Spend the Night

    Saint Jean d'Arvey stopover lodge.



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