Via Ferrata Saillon: Deadly Accident

On Sunday, July 2, 2017 à 17h30, a deadly accident happened at the Via Ferrata de La Farinetta in the Gorges de la Salentze in Saillon, Switzerland.

An Austrian via ferratiste from 37 years old, living in the Canton Vaud, lost his life in the third and last part of the via ferrata. He was the last one of a group of six climbers and lost his feet and felt for a reason to be determined.

The climber felt into the Salenste Gorges annonced the Police from the Canton of Valais.


He died on site. The body of the via ferratiste was transported by the helicopter to Sion with Air-Glaciers.

In order to determine the reason of this accident, the Ministère Public of the Valais opened an investigation.

The Redac of ViaFerrata.com is in touch with the Ministère Public and will let you know the results and what caused this accident. Even if this via ferrata is very strenuous (especially the last part), the via ferrata should be very secured with the safety line following the path.

We present our condolence to the family  and his via ferrata friends.