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Via Ferrata Dia Manicella, Moltifao, Corsica

     Footbridge     Monkey Bridge    Ladder      Ziplines  
0 0 0 7



You are no longer allowed onto this via ferrata with your own equipment. For this reason, all the equipment has to be rented from the owner of the via ferrata: In Terra Corsa or Business is Business: +25 euros for 4h, +30 euros for the whole day with the option of doing two other via ferratas and 2 ziplines in the same area.

The surroundings are incredible, but the via ferrata was overly-cabled and there are escape routes all over the place. Two other via ferrats are located in this amusement park. The Manicella is the hardest of the three.


ViaFerrata Tips and Tricks

There is a start every hour. Call before so that you're not champing at the bit.
Crowded during the summer.



 Strength 2
 Dizziness 2
 Type Plaine: 1
 Technics   3
 Evaluation Difficult



The owner of the via ferrata: In Terra Corsa 


Length and Altitude

Length 350m
Elevation gain: 200 m
Start :  340 meters
End :  540 meters


Time of Year

All year long



Getting the equipment, following the instructions the man gives you at the entrance, going to the cash register: 1h
Approach : 10 minutes
ViaFerrata : 2 to 3 hours


By Car

From Ponte-Leccia, take N197 towards Calvi and then it splits off about 2km further onto the D47 (which then becomes the D147) going towards Asco.


By Train or Bus

Check with the SNCF




There is a In Terra Corsa adventure park. Normally there will already be some people when you arrive. Then you can let yourself be guided.


Via Ferrata

After several meters of ascent, squirm your way through the window, a small opening in the rock that will lead you to the "stretta di ventu" (wind draft). Wow there, more cable, but don't worry, it's so you can better admire the landscape.

You will then continue the progresson with a visit of the cave and the tower. A 7m footbridge will lead you across a chimney and then you will slide into the word of the tafoni, a result of erosion and a phenomenon that is particular to "l'Ile de Beauté" ("The Island of Beauty", another name for Corsica).

A few meters further and you will come to the Inclinatu (the overhang) and 200m of void. Very vertiginous and very tough on the arms... But wholly composed of beauty once you get to us passu (the passtime)... a superb hanging garden...a little break and then you go up between the rock faces and the void to the 540m Mont Al Lardo.
(Description: Gérard Papandréou)


Way Back

Something particular about this via ferrata is that after having climbed up the mountain, it is possible to go back down with 7 ziplines, up to 220 meters of zipline to go back to the valley!


Where to Spend the Night

Check with the Motifao Tourism Office




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Vidéo Fun .

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