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Via Ferrata Prise de la Bastille, Grenoble, Isere, France PDF Print E-mail
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     Foot Bridge    
     Monkey Bridge   
     Ladder          Zip Line     
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In two sections; the second is only for fit and experienced ferratists – tricky and strenuous.
One monkey bridge and one footbridge, . tips

For any supplementary information, contact the Bureau Information Montagne on the first floor of the Grenoble Tourism Office. They can also inform you of all the alpine activities in the region: hiking, mountain-bike, climbing, white-water sports, etc.


 Strenght  Part 1
 Part 2
 Vertigo Part 1
 Part 2
 Type Part 1
 Part 2
Plaine: 1
 Technique Part 1
 Part 2
 Evaluation Part 1
 Part 2
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Tourism Office of Grenoble   04 76 42 41 41. Outside of France 00 33 4 76 42 41 41.

Length and Altitude

First Part

Drop : 120 m
Length : 250 m
ViaFerrata Start : 220 m

Second Part:

Drop : 110 m
Lenght : 300 m 
ViaFerrata Finish : 450 m


Approach : One good minute!
Via Ferrata 1 : 45 minutes
Via Ferrata 2 : 45 minutes
Back : 30 minutes

When can you climb it

Year Long if no snow

By Road

Autoroute A48 to Grenoble, take the Bastille exit.
At the Porte de France, park at the Esplanade parking area on your left (just at the entrance to Grenoble).


By Train

5 minutes away from the train station. Take the Rue Casimir Périer and continue to la Place Hubert Dubedout.

From there, cross the Isère (river) on the Porte de France Bridge to arrive to La Porte de France

To the start  of the viaferrata

The via starts at 22 Rte de Lyon,100 metres from the Porte de France; behind the Esplanade parking area. There, you will find the entrance to the old Vicat quarry. The gates are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. but the latest recommended starting time for the via is 4 p.m.


The Prise de la Bastille via ferrata comprises two main sections

Section 1
It begins with a climb up a pillar before continuing as a long traverse around the entire cirque taking in a monkey bridge and two footbridges. Fine view of Grenoble.
Section 2
To reach the second section, follow a signposted path through the Parc Guy Pape. This will get you to the foot of the via in 15 minutes.
This section is really only for the very fit. It consists of a rising traverse on an overhanging wall, extremely demanding with practically nowhere to pause and recover.
Two escape exits have been put in place to allow exhausted climbers to break off and get up to the summit
Once at the top of the second section, you’ll find a last little shelf leading, after 150 m, to the old fortifications of the Bastille.


Two options: either a 15-minute walk up to the top of the Bastille Fort and then the cablecar to the city centre, or the Jardin des Dauphins path, which will get you back to the Porte de France in 20 minutes


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